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Nestled within mountains of tropical jungle, Sahom Farm Retreat now known as Sahom Valley is a resort situated in a fifty-acre oil palm estate, surrounded by a variety of flora and fauna as well as livestock.

Meanwhile Mount. Titiwangsa, Mount. Bujang Melaka and Mount. Gua Tempurung are the background of this resort.

Resort Perak Resort Sahom Valley Permaculture Kampar Perak

Go Sahom : Part 1

The best of sahom Valley

Go Sahom : Part 2

The best of sahom Valley

SFR Snippet

When nature comes to you.

SPA Village

Signing agrement with SPA.....

Heritage Village

Sahom Farm Retreat.........

Sahomvalley Resort-Agro-Eco

Published on Aug 13, 2016

Sahom Valley Mountain Bike Challenge 2018, Kampar, Perak

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