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UpToDate sponsors and exhibits at a number of conferences and congresses throughout the world. Our goal is to be available to all our customers and partners around the globe. New features and benefits are always in the works, and we love to showcase them at conferences. While visiting the UpToDate booth, ‘test drive’ the Sahom Valley an agro and aco resorts , set up an individual meeting with an UpToDate representative, learn how to maximize subscription benefits, or find out how we can partner with your facility. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event!

Bubur Lambuk

11 July 2015

Local Fruits Fest

​Ogos 2014

Raya Qurban

​Okt 10, 2015

Ceramah Agama

​Dec. 2014

Shafiq Wedding


​Dec 12, 2013

Fishing Competition

​Jun 2014


​Dec 22, 2013

Photography Outing
Karaoke Compt.

​Feb 2014

​April 2014

Video Drama Tempatan

​Dis 17, 2016

Bersantai Dgn Keluarga

​Jan 02, 2017

Koleksi Terbaik Pelbagai Peristiwa

​Dec 12, 2023

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