Heritage Village

This village was the first to be built at Sahom Valley (formerly known as Sahom Farm Retreat). It was a humble onset of this entire resort and was inspired by the owner's late mother's kampung house in Kampung Bata, Malim Nawar. As an architect himself, he designed a house made primarily from wood and his idea was manifested by local carpenters.


The Heritage Village consists of one main house and four additional smaller houses. Each house is attached to an open air bathroom equipped with a shower, toilet and a sink. The main house has its own replica of a well which was traditionally used by people during the olden days. Each house has either one queen-sized bed or two single-sized beds. A television complete with astro service is also provided at the open hall.


Apart from that, a swimming pool 15 metres in diameter is situated at the entrance of this village. It is also eqiupped with a very exciting water slide which suspends about 20 metre long. How thrilling!




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Beautiful by Design, Gentle and Exotic by Nature

Discover how Malay Kings once crafted their palaces. Fronted by a mountains, riverside glittering with diamonds of light, shaded by tropical trees rustling in the breeze, attended to by a people steeped in traditions as timeless as the land.

Located in the Peninsular of Malaysia, Sahom Valley was formally known as Sahom Farm Retreat is an agro & eco resort, a sanctuary of luxury and well-being steeped in age-old Malay traditions. Designed to reflect the elegance and grandeur of 17th century Malay palaces, Sahom Valley is a 30-rooms/chalets resort sprawling within a 50 acres of land area with an authentic taste of the region's spirit and an enduring embodiment of the gentle Malay art of service and hospitality.

The philosophy of the Resort is as unique as the Resort itself. Based on the Malay concept of "where nature inspires", which emphasises purity of spirit, health and well-being, Sahom Valley encourages true rejuvenation of both body and spirit beside incorporating green building and sustainability development in its design.

Sahom Valley is an opportunity to withdraw from the pressures of this ever-changing world by offering you a chance to immerse yourself in a place of serenity and beauty. Authentic in architecture and attitude, always warm and welcoming, it is an environment to let go, to relax deeply and take time to rediscover yourself, your family or your friends; all this whilst staff members drawn from the local villages truly live the age old legacy of Malaysian warmth and hospitality.



Sahom Valley has been built in a typical Wooden Malaysian style, with 3 diference villages surrounded by a tropical garden and mountain rocky. You can reach our private ponds and river from any of the rooms in a matter of moments.


Sahom Valley is a versatile resort with a suitable accommodation for everybody. From standard chalets to rooms with a stunning mountain front view. From 1-bedroom for each chalet around our unique pools to luxury suites overlooking the farm, riverside, lake and mountain.


We offers 3 types of accomodations:-

1) Heritage Village

2) Riverside Village

3) Bamboo & Spa Village


Each village type has its owned unique setting for you to choose, making your stay a memorable moment.  



Riverside Village
Bamboo Village

Upon fulfilling the high demand of tenants, a second wooden village, called the Riverside Village is built. Nestled just metres away from the pristine Sungai Dipang, this village has one main house and four additional smaller houses. Each house has either one queen-sized bed or two single-sized beds as well as an open air bathroom eqiupped with a shower, toilet and a sink.


This village offers a splendid view of the nearby river. The speciality of this village is the easy access to this flowing river which guests can enjoy. Well, what better way to cool yourselves on a scorching hot day than to swim in the river with your loved ones!


The heart of this village is the big 4-foot-deep swimming pool enchanted by a replica of a waterfall. How exhilarating! On top of that, a television with astro service is also provided at the open hall.

Without doubt, Riverside Village is perfectly-suited for families and friends to spend precious times together!


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The latest upgrade to this resort is this newly-constructed Bamboo Village. Unique - the best word to describe this village as it is unlike anything else. Ideally situated in between oil palm trees, there are 20 units of bamboo houses.


These man-made bamboo houses were specially transported from Hatyai and being personally assembled at this resort by the Thais themselves.


Every single house measures about 200-square-foot and is attached to an open air bathroom, dressing area and a veranda where guests can sit back and relax. Being a small-sized house, it has comfortable mattresses which can accomodate up to three persons. 


On top of that, this village is located just a stone's throw away from the river and guests have full access to relish themselves in the refreshing river water.

Bamboo Village definitely offers a great chance for families and friends to enjoy themselves at an affordable rate!





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